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Ossa’s exclusive ad booking platform gives your company instant access to our network of high-growth podcasts hosted and produced by women. Choose from hundreds of shows with a dedicated listener base covering a wide range of topics, like business, culture, entertainment, music, news, personal growth, and politics. Make an ad placement that will reach your perfect target audience in just a few clicks.


The Power of Women: The Ossa network is a diverse and passionate group of women in podcasting who host and produce high-growth podcasts with a dedicated following. As a specialized network focused on women in podcasting, Ossa is uniquely positioned to help our advertisers reach women — the segment driving 70-80% of all consumer purchasing decisions in the U.S.

Ad Booking Made Easy: Our exclusive ad booking platform provides a user-friendly interface to enter personalized criteria for your target audience. Match with high-growth podcasts that are the best fit for your audience and budget. Book podcast advertising in just a few clicks using our media buying technology.

Five-Star Service: Our team of booking experts will work with you from start to finish to ensure that you receive the best product and exceptional service from every podcaster on our network.

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Enter search criteria to match with podcasts that are the best fit for your budget and target audience.

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Choose a show that you love and send an instant booking request through our platform.

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Boost your reach by adding a custom social media package to your booking.